Sling Bullets (group of 10)

A group of 10 bullets, to be fired from a sling.

  • Weight: 5 lbs.
  • Equip to a Sling weapon to use.
  • Other: Ammunition

Bullets are usually stones selected by slingers for different traits and had different purposes.

Ovoids are usually a little bigger at one end than the other. They may be sharpened to a point at one or both ends. Blunt disks or spheres are used to take game without putting a hole in the valuable pelt.

Sometimes found ammunition such as hard heavy nuts could be gathered and used. Bullets from manufactured materials were made as soon as proto-pottery (dried cooked clay that was hard and water-resistant but not actually heat-fused) emerged. (@ sling and bullets )

Sling Bullets (group of 10)

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